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Why You Should Take Sedgwick County Health Department Food Handlers Class?

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If you live in Sedgwick and wish to be a food handler, please notice the county regulation related to Sedgwick County Health Department food handlers class. According to the law, it is an obligation for food worker and handler to take training and get food handler card. Why is it important to take a food safety course before working? You can even have food handlers card online. Well, there are some reasons o have it.

1. Food safety is priority
Can you imagine how many people suffer from diseases only because of food? According to CDC, approximately 48 million Americans get sick and hospitalized because of foodborne illness. Surprisingly, 3000 of them died. This huge number surely affects to the cost spent by the government. Consuming food and drink contaminated by germs can cause these foodborne illnesses. There are some factors that cause this condition such as food which is not fully cooked or left out. According to this, educating the food handlers is considered the best way to minimize the chance to get foodborne illness and protect public.


2. Training to meet county regulation
Due to foodborne illnesses can break out easily, Sedgwick County makes a regulation for food handlers to take food safety training. With this regulation, someone who does not take Sedgwick County Health Department food handlers class and hold food handler card cannot handle food. Furthermore, some states require their food handlers to renew the cards periodically.


3. Trained food handlers are more valuable
Food safety training is considered as the best way to educate the food workers and food handlers. Through this class, the employees will gain important skills and knowledge related to handling, preparing, serving, and selling food safely and properly. As the advantages, they help minimize the public from foodborne illnesses. This is the reason why trained food handlers are considered more valuable compared to those who have not taken any training yet.

So, there is no reason to abandon the law to take food safety course before working as food worker or food handler. Please note that some states may apply regulation mentioning that someone who does not handle the approved card cannot handle food. You can take both online or offline course as you like. While the offline class is considered more trustworthy, online course offers you convenience as you can follow the class from anywhere. After knowing the reason, now you must find the best Sedgwick County Health Department food handlers class.

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