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Verifying Health Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade

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Before we learn more about health benefits of Diatomaceous earth food grade, it is good if we know in advance what diatomaceous earth is. Well, Diatomaceous earth is one type of soil that’s very useful both for industrial purposes and human body. Just like other food trends, Diatomaceous earth has finally become one of the choices of food processing techniques for those who want to feel the sensation of natural food. What distinguishes it from other types of soil is the natural formation process without human intervention.

For your information, the Diatomaceous earth comes from stacks of microorganism, such as algae that have lived for millions of years back and are now accumulating into fossils. Since it consists of animal ingredients, Diatomaceous earth has high animal nutrition content. However, what is often overlooked is the fact that it consists of two parts: food-grade and industrial uses. Both parts are distinguished from the levels of silica in it. For food-grade, silica content is only about 2%, while for industries that use silica levels can be up to 60%. High levels of silica are very dangerous to consume, but very useful for the industry uses.

As we know, although there are no further studies on health benefits of Diatomaceous earth food grade, many people believe this unique soil has many benefits, such as supporting healthy digestion, cleansing the digestive tract, promoting hair growth, improving cholesterol and heart health, promoting skin health and strong nails, providing trace minerals for body, and improve bone health.

In addition, the assumption regarding health benefits of Diatomaceous earth food grade comes from its function for industrial purposes. When used for industrial, Diatomaceous earth is able to eliminate various forms of dirt and other toxic substances, while also filtering them with an effective level of almost 90%. For this reason, many people believe with the same mechanism, this material can also cleanse our internal organs of bad toxins and bacteria or called as Diatomaceous earth detox. However, there are still no studies explaining the benefits. There is only one that explains the benefits of diatomaceous earth to regulate cholesterol levels in the body, but it also has no detailed explanation.

Even so, just like the other food trends, consuming Diatomaceous earth provides a placebo effect on human body, both scientifically and socially. Therefore, even though there are no health benefits of Diatomaceous earth food grade, you will still feel the difference in its uniqueness.

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