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The Unknown Effects of Adulterated Food on Human Health

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To protect the body, of course we must know everything that goes into our body; one of them is the effects of adulterated food on human health. Now, you might wonder, what is adulterated food actually? Let’s find out more clearly.

For your information, adulteration is actually a semi scamming on food. This is because the food is added/subtracted/replaced by substances in it with other ingredients, but with the finished results that are almost the same. This runs on an industrial level, so as consumer, you often don’t get proper justice to know that your food is adulterated. This adulteration process can run naturally or intentionally. However this time, we will discuss the latter’s effects of adulterated food on human health.

For questions like “what are the effects of adulterated food on human health?”, it doesn’t seem to need to be answered. Now, just imagine if you consume food with ingredients or substances that you do not know or even dangerous. Of course, adulterated food is very dangerous for the body. Most of them have low levels of non-food-grade material. But, if you consume them continuously and periodically, it is not impossible if one day you will fall ill due to the foods. Fortunately, with basic chemical reactions, you can now detect whether the consumptive food has been adulterated.

First is for black pepper. Just soak in alcohol, the real black pepper will sink to the bottom. Second is coffee powder. Slowly sprinkle the coffee powder over a bowl of water. According to Tourne Cooking, the real coffee will float for a while, and the other substance will instantly fall to the bottom. Next is for honey. Dip a cotton bud or tissue into honey and burn it. The real honey will burn easily and almost instantly. For ice cream lovers, mix ice cream with orange/lemon droplets. If the foam appears, then it’s adulterated.

The next ingredient is coconut oil. The real one will freeze and solidify in the cold, while the other substance will remain liquid or separated in different layers. Meanwhile for sugar, you have to mix it into the water. Good sugar will dissolve almost instantaneously. This trick also works with salt. Those are ingredients that you can try to test to find out whether it’s adulterated or not. The effects of adulterated food on human health are very bad, that’s why you should carefully examine the food you consume and understand the cause of food adulteration.

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