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The Latest Trends in Orthopedic Hospital Design

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More and more ideas of orthopedic hospital design incorporate two or more features in the facility aspect to improve the patient experience and facilitate them to promote the healing process. The president of IKM, John C. Schrott in Pittsburgh has elaborated some of the trends that designer considered in realizing the designs. Originally, there are five trends in this matter. Well, below are written the three ideas for customers.


1. Natural concepts
One of the most basic trends for orthopedic hospital architecture is designing the patient’s rooms with the utmost privacy and natural views. This is obviously a good thing since this can promote the engagement of patients and their family to be more active. As a part of the reasons, it is also because patients often concern about sharing a bathroom with their roommates. In addition, the existence of roommate’s visitor is also more than possible to negatively affect the patient’s healing process. With a natural view, the design of the building will focus on making the patients relax in a calm and serene environment. Well, if you are the patient, you would understand the difference between looking at a brick wall and a meadow.


2. Decentralizing nursing center idea
The concept of decentralizing the nursing center becomes the second thing that many designers also consider. With how nurses were traditionally placed in one centralized location, it is more than often that they lose focus—all because of the hectic and noisy condition of the place. Therefore, with this newfound idea of orthopedic hospital design, nurses are expected to work closer to the patients; just in case there is something wrong going on with the patient or so. Also, without the noise that the nurses made in nursing centers, the patients can have a faster recovery.


3. The existence of PT
The third idea that designers want to realize is the existence of PT in the orthopedic unit. Well, in the previous years, you will usually find the PT to be placed far away from the unit where the patient—relatively immobile—is scheduled to go. The thing is, when the PT is placed far from the orthopedic unit, anxiety will usually build within the patients as they wait for the escort. Thus, with vanishing of anxiety in orthopedic hospital design, the patient can be free from any engagement prior to PT and will be more understanding with their role in this rehabilitation.

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