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The Best Pocket Knife Sharpener to Survive Outdoor

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Those who love doing adventure know well how important it is to bring the best pocket knife sharpener. Surviving in the wildlife requires you to keep the knives sharp for convenience. It is a daily requirement you have to deal with. When do not have any access to proper tools and manners of sharpener, the pocket knife sharpener solves all your problems. In case you are looking for the best knife sharpener for outdoor activity, here are some top recommendations to count on.

1. Smith’s Pocket Pal
This commercial pocket sharpener is designed with opposed carbide teeth and ceramic teeth set as well as folding diamond rod. This little knife sharpener is sturdy and you can remove the teeth just to prolong its life. Smith’s Pocket Pal is a type of pull through sharpener which has fixed angle of opposed ceramic and carbide teeth. It offers a great setting for new edge on dull blade which makes it a perfect tool in the field.

2. Lansky Blade Medic
Another commercially available best pocket knife sharpening system is Lansky Blade Medic. This best pocket knife sharpener includes ceramic serrated sharpener. You can completely re-sharpen serrations on the blade. Before using for serration, make sure the knife fits the style of sharpener. Or else, you can also combine with diamond rod for the same purpose.

3. SOG Ceramic Sharpener
This small outdoor knife sharpener looks compact with the combination of ceramic rod, diamond plate and black plastic handle. In addition, it is also designed with small ferro rod. The ferro rod, however, creates sparks but it is fine. Meanwhile, the diamond plate and ceramic rod are useful for minor sharpening. Unfortunately, the glue which holds each piece is not really strong. You need to be careful unless you will separate each part.

4. Pocket diamond plates
This attractive sharpener does not look as tough as the other sharpener tools. However, you cannot underestimate its function to maintain your blade. The diamond plates work great for minor touch up. This pocket diamond plates are the simplest sharpener for outdoor as it can be used as key chain. Feel free to bring the diamond plates almost anywhere.

Those are some recommended pocket knife sharpener to opt for. Each tool is great to maintain dull blade and offers you convenience to survive outdoor. Whether you go for camping, hunting, or military purpose, the mentioned best pocket knife sharpener should be on your priority list.

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