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Step up Your Cycling Game with Etto Scalpel Helmet

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Etto scalpel helmet is bicycle helmet specifically designed to satisfy the wishes of all cyclists. Having ergonomic design with many holes serves it to maximize the circulation of air inside and outside. Therefore, besides providing a cool feeling to your head, this helmet is also able to balance the aerodynamics of the wind. There are many other interesting features to talk about, but before entering the product details, let’s discuss the company behind this scalpel helmet, Etto.

Etto is a manufacturing company for bicycle helmets that has been around since 1980s. At first, it was an independent helmet manufacturer that had a base in Sweden. Then in 1995, Etto was finally invited to become a subsidiary of Norwegian HTS Group. Since then, they have become freer in realizing their helmet designs, and finally produced hundreds of types of bicycle helmets. By joined Norwegian HTS Group, Etto was also finally known by various consumers from other parts of the world.

It is enough with the historical background of company, now take a closer look at the Etto helmets. As previously explained, Etto scalpel helmet is specifically designed to overcome all the problems that often experienced by cyclists. This helmet is also equipped with various special features. Just check them one by one.

1. 15 ventilation holes
The most visible feature is the presence of many ventilation holes scattered around this helmet. More fully, there are 15 holes that are spread evenly throughout the helmet to provide good air circulation and high aerodynamics.


2. Dedicated shade parking ability
Etto Scalpel Helmet also has one of features called shade parking on the front that can be used to place your glasses when not in use. The hole has also been coated with soft plastic, so the handle of your glasses will not scratch inside of the helmet.


3. Trendy in light, visible at night
For safety reasons, this helmet is covered with dark reflective paint that will be effective at night or when highlighted with bright light. At night, this paint will light up to tell the person behind you. However, this paint will not be seen during the day.

This scalpel helmet is available in various sizes, from S to XL. It also comes with a variety of colors, such as red, blue, yellow, white, black, and silver. Etto scalpel helmet is the right choice to maximize safety and comfort in your experience.

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