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Some of the Best Scalpel Blades for Dermaplaning Regime

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People are highly interested in using scalpel blades for dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is one of the known means of exfoliating regimes. The method utilizes certain surgical blades to take off dead cells and hair from skin outer region. This regime is said to suit any type of skin. It can be done by professional or even by yourself if you have time. Let’s take a look at some popular blades for this treatment.

1. Sonic Smooth Dermaplaning Blade
This is a blade designed to remove dead skins by utilizing sonic vibration. There are three variations of speed which you can choose from in the device. You can easily adjust it to obtain maximum exfoliating result. You need to consistently use it for eight weeks with seven to ten days interval for each treatment. This skincare treatment will be able to shrink pores and smooth fine lines. Before the treatment, cleanse your face from oil residue then apply soothing gel afterward.


2. Non-sterile Surgical Blade Number 14
This is one of scalpel blades for dermaplaning often used by professionals. The blade is made of carbon steel material. It will serve your purpose effectively and safely. Utilizing the blade is not difficult at all. The blade is shaped nicely.  This skincare tool is also sharp enough to cut your fine hair strands without elevating the risk of harming user. The great thing is: it is also durable and sturdy.


3. Facial Razor for Dermaplaning
This tool is perfect if you are looking to do the regime at home. The razor is slim and the blade is very sharp. Despite the slimness, its grip is very sturdy. You can easily move it along nooks and crannies of your face to get satisfying result. This device is perfect if you have a lot of dead skins which need to be cleansed. It is among multifunctional scalpel blades for dermaplaning. You can use it to trim eyebrows.


4. Scalpel with Disposable Blades
This type of skinceuticals dermaplaning blades becomes very commonly used. It is made of stainless steel material and sterilized by gamma rays. The blade is designed thoughtfully to remove all dead skins effectively with minimum risk. Scalpel blade is packaged individually, so it stays sterile before usage. To utilize the tool, you only need to retract the blade from its handle. You do not need to press down when using this tool. It is definitely among the handiest scalpel blades for dermaplaning.

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