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Salt Lake County Health Department Food Handlers Permit for Food Workers

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Considering public health is a priority, Salt Lake County Health Department food handlers permit is required for all food workers and food handlers. The permit regulation is to ensure that served food is handled appropriately and safe for public. You probably know that each city or county has different requirements related to food handler permit. In case you live or work in Salt Lake County, this is what you need to know about the permit.

1. Who are food handlers?
The regulation says that food workers and food handlers are required to have the permit. Who are meant by food handlers? Salt Lake County refers food handlers as all individuals who prepare, serve, or handle food around mobile food unit or food service establishment. These individuals are required to receive sufficient training about food safety and food service. Not only food handler, food safety managers are also the object of this regulation. After attending the training class, the individuals will be awarded food handler cards issued by Utah Department of Health.


2. Training classes
There are actually two types of training classes that you can take, including in-person class and online class. If you decide to join in-person classes, you must arrive 15 minutes earlier to register yourself. For registration, photo ID is required. You also need to prepare cash for the training fee. Please note that the training class begins on time. As the consequences for late arrival, you will not be admitted. After finishing the food safety course and passing the test, you will accept Salt Lake County Health Department food handlers permit which is valid for 3 years.


How about the online class? There are some approved vendors that you can join for food safety courses in Utah. Even though there are many vendors claiming Utah-approved, you need to make sure to only choose training class approved by Utah Department of Health. Joining the online class, you are allowed to follow the training from anywhere.


3. Card replacement
In case you need to replace your food handler card or your card never arrived, submit your request to the official website of Salt Lake County. You need to complete a specific form for confirmation.

Now, you know anything about getting easy food handlers permit in Salt Lake County, Utah. Since this is your first step before joining food industry, make sure you have Salt Lake County Health Department food handlers permit at hand.

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