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Riverside County Health Department Food Handlers Card and How to Get It

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Riverside County department of environmental health regulates each food worker and food handler to hold Riverside County Health Department food handlers card. What does the card refer to? The food handler card refers to a card which is awarded to anybody completing a food safety course. Food handler itself is a person directly involved in the food making such as handling, preparing, serving, selling for human consumption. The card is normally valid for Riverside County, California. How to get a food handler card? There are three main steps you need to take.

1. Training
Someone who wishes to get food handler card must take a training course. There are some approved food safety course you can join, whether offline or online. For your convenience, online course is much preferred. You are allowed to train through your tablet, computer, or smartphone everywhere you like. Choose the course that has been approved by Riverside County Department of Environmental Health. There, you will learn anything you need to know to be a professional food handler. The course length varies, depending on the course you join.


2. Test
After finishing the food safety course, you must take the test. To get Riverside County Health Department food handlers card, you must pass an approved test. It commonly includes all you have learned from the course before. For online course, sometimes you are given three test attempts which offer you greater chance to past the test and get the card. There is a passing score that you have to achieve. The passing score may vary according to the course you join. Some courses apply 70% of total score to pass.


3. Card printing
You passed the test? Congratulations. It is the time to get your card. If you join an online course, it is such a convenience that you can print your own food handler card from home. You will earn a card file and are allowed to print by yourself. In a second, you can get back to work with card on your hand. This official card is valid for two years throughout Riverside, California.

If you wish to review your training and check food safety knowledge, there you go. You can easily review the training you have taken as much as you like for the next two years. Do you find it is an easy task to do? Get your Riverside County Health Department food handlers card, and be ready to be professional worker!

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