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Needleless Scalpel Vasectomy, the Safer Alternative to Invasive Traditional Vasectomy

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Needleless scalpel vasectomy has soon become popular male contraception method. Many people prefer it as opposed to the conventional method as it is less painful and enabling speedy recovery. In traditional method, doctor will make cuts to scrotum skin before blocking each vas deferens tube to prevent sperm release during ejaculation. However, the new vasectomy method does not require cutting at all, so minimizing the risk of bleeding.

In addition, the procedure for needleless scalpel vasectomy is not complicated at all. Doctor will make a hole with needle on scrotum. Then, at one of a time, each vas deferens tube is going to be lifted out. After that, occlusion will be performed. It means clamping the tube so there will be no sperm leakage. There are doctors who will also perform procedure called fascial interposition after the process. It means sewing connective tissues on the end of tube. Some experts believe it will increase the success rate of this contraception method.

There are several advantages that this no scalpel vasectomy procedure offers. It is not as invasive as the traditional method since there are no cuts and stitches need to be made. Because of that, there will be less possibility of bleeding and scarring. It also lowers the risk of contracting infection after procedure. People who conduct needleless scalpel vasectomy can perform sexual activity not long after this procedure. They also report to have similar sex drive like before it happens.

Nonetheless, this type of vasectomy is still considered surgery. Not every ob-gyn is able to perform this surgery because they require certain skills that derive from hands-on training. This method is probably more popular in developed countries since there are more surgeons that can perform it. The success rate is nearly 100%. However, men can still ejaculate sperm during first few weeks after procedure. It means that they should conduct check-up weeks after vasectomy was conducted. This method cannot protect you from sexual transmitted disease as well.

Moreover, before you do this procedure, it is highly recommended to consult with your partner if you have one. Since it is one of permanent contraceptive procedures, people need to be aware that the chance to have kids in future will be near zero. If there is a possibility of having more children, you can try storing sperm in sperm bank. Nonetheless, if you think needleless scalpel vasectomy answers your need, you should do it.

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