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Marsilona Kitchen Island for Fresher Look in Your Kitchen

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If you want to change your kitchen island, you can check this exclusive Marsilona Kitchen Island as references. Rated as 4.7-star product, this kitchen island is considered to be one of the most favorite products from Ashley Homestore. Colored in a soft cream color and complementary perfect dark brown, this kitchen island can boost your kitchen looks. With the timeless design, the classy and spacious kitchen island can easily fit in any part of your kitchen. Of course, people would say that there is always the pros and cons of purchasing a piece of furniture. Well, one specific contra of purchasing this special furniture is that it does not come in set with the bar stool.

Therefore, if you want to buy a complete set of a kitchen island, you have to purchase the bar stool in different order from Marsilona Kitchen Island. Now, move to Marsilona kitchen table feature. First things first, this kitchen island weighs about eighty kilos. From the fact alone, you can assume that this kitchen island is made of strong and sturdy material and not just a flimsy piece of woods. It can add the solid look to kitchen decor. Moreover, the second thing about this furniture is that it is well-built and well-finished. It does not seem that the furniture will break or washed away in five or more years later.

In addition, the overall dimension of the kitchen island makes it perfect to be used either as ‘the kitchen island’ or dining table. Obviously, for the latter, the wood top counter of the island is more than enough to bear the weight. Moreover, if you prefer it to be only as kitchen island, the furniture provides the multiple spaces to store your things. Of course, with the special feature of removable baskets, you can arrange and store various kinds of things or displays there.

For your information, with an assembly instruction attached to the selling page, it will be easier for anyone who purchases the furniture to get the assembly done. Next, the product care is easy to follow as well. Just make sure to pick one which matches to your material of product then you can proceed directly to do the product care. Now, you should not waste your time anymore. Go get this furniture by immediately contacting the nearer store to buy your own Marsilona Kitchen Island for a fresher and functional look of your kitchen.

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