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Manage Your Health from Home with AQTS Home Health

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Access Quality Therapy Services, or commonly known as AQTS home health, is a health care center that focuses on outpatient care, home care and AQTS pediatrics. This agency is part of the larger health company, named Chenega Corporation which is accustomed to deal with health problems for its customers. For this reason, AQTS is more focused on elderly services and children who are not familiar with the atmosphere of inpatient room at the hospital, and want to undergo treatment at home. AQTS itself is based in the San Antonio, Texas. There, they already have more than 15 branches scattered in various regions. But recently, they managed to expand the coverage by spreading to Corpus Christi area.

As a health care center, AQTS home health has undergone various inspection and verification processes, as well as certification from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. This certainly proves that AQTS is a health service agency which has modern facilities and of course trained experts, so as to be able to treat patients from various backgrounds in professional manner. The services provided by AQTS consist of various types, such as physical therapy, social therapy, speaking practice, nursing, etc.

For the hard work and quality of the results they provide, AQTS home health services have also been awarded various awards, such as the best physical therapist, the best place to work, and 2 years in a row being the winner of excellence in customer service. For many awards they achieved, AQTS finally recorded as the fourth best home nursing services in the San Antonio. Moreover, the existence of various awards does not necessarily make AQTS felt high up above the wind. They instead try to always improve the quality of services for all customers. This is proven by periodical inspection and quality check-ups. All the hard work is intended to provide the highest quality of service and appropriateness of equipment for progressivity of the home health service itself.

If you are interested in knowing more about Access Quality Therapy Services, or maybe you want to try some of the services, you can contact them at (210) 349-0096 or (210) 349-7030 for the San Antonio area. You can also go directly to the office at 5726 W. Hausman Rd., Suite 100. San Antonio, Texas 78249. Simplify your affairs in caring for your loved ones by using state-of-the-art facilities and trained human resources from AQTS Home Health service.

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