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Knowing More the Benefits of Misonix Bone Scalpel

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Misonix Bone Scalpel is one of the most renowned surgical devices, particularly in bone or orthopedic surgery. Having sophisticated devices to conduct this procedure is really important. It helps achieving great result, especially since bone-related health issues are quiet common in today’s world. This particular tool has benefits that other scalpels may not be able to compare. Here are some of its amazing benefits.

1. Minimizing Risk of Trauma to Soft Tissues
Misonix bone scalpel system has a tissue-specific characteristic. The blade has blunt tip and moves linearly. That certainly will reduce the risk of tissues tearing and wrapping. During surgical procedure, the blade will not disturb tissues that are not being targeted. Luckily, human’s soft tissue can actually deform and rebound without losing its original structure. It means with the right material of tool, bone surgery can be performed well. The surgery can be done even if soft tissue is located near targeted area.


2. Improving Efficiency During Usage
Misonix Bone Scalpel makes surgery more efficient because of its cutting edge functions. The blade moves longitudinally, ensuring the tool to be as precise as possible. Since this scalpel improves precision, surgeon will not require as much time when utilizing it to perform surgery. The design is also ergonomic it will lower fatigue on your hand. When surgeon experiences fatigue in their hands, there is greater risk for accident not to mention that it will take too long to do.


3. Lessening the Amount of Bleeding
Another great feature that this surgical equipment has is lessening the amount of bleeding during and after procedure. Its design incorporates proprietary fluid route. It means that the irrigation system is highly integrated and continuous. The tool can create tamponade effect so its blade can cool and lubricated. Such process minimizes the amount of bleeding which patient will experience. The well thought-out design of Misonix Bone Scalpel certainly improves patient’s comfort and safety before, during, and after the surgery.


4. Higher Control During Procedure
Surgeons want to use tools which can be easily manipulated. If surgeons have more control on their device, there will be less risk of accidents. This surgery device is definitely allowing user to move the device easily. It can give feedback through cancellous and cortical bones in tactile form, so user can move more accurately. The cutting process is more controlled and less abrasive than other devices. It is no wonder that Misonix Bone Scalpel is much hyped.

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