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Ethicon Harmonic Scalpel Price Really Translates to Its Sophisticated Performance

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Hospitals and health centers are willing to pay Ethicon harmonic scalpel price even if it is not exactly cheap. This type of scalpel is known to be able lowering bleeding level. The device can conducts two processes harmoniously: cutting and cauterizing. It also allows surgeon higher level of precision which lessen the medical risk. Take a look at some of these products to understand their quality.

1. HD 1000i Shears
You can trust HD 1000i for maximum efficiency as it allows you to seal vessel quiet fast. The tip can grasp vessel strongly, so there will be less slippage. It also enables you to gain more control. The sealing strength is also increased. It has up to 150% strength of other bigger devices. It is equipped with geometric dissecting blade which allows you more precision when cutting through certain tissues. This Ethicon harmonic scalpel handpiece comes in two kinds: HARHD20 and HARHD36.


2. Ace+7 Shears
It is equipped with technology that’s adaptive to the latest tissue condition. It optimizes energy delivery in dynamic manner by recognizing the tissue’s current state. The blade has refined design and non-stick surface, so surgeon can perform cutting precisely and cleanly. The device also immediately seals small and large vessels after making cut. It can seal vessels up to 7 mm in diameter strongly. There are three kinds of Ace+7 Shears: HARH23, HARH36, and HARH45. To get the exact Ethicon harmonic scalpel price, you should ask the company.


3. Electrosurgery Probe Plus II
This tool can perform various surgical activities like dissection, suction, irrigation, and coagulation. Therefore, you do not need too many tools to perform one surgery which will increase efficiency. It comes with two types of handles and seven shaft options, depending on certain procedures. The device is also designed to be used conveniently with one hand. You do not need to grip too hard ing performing irrigation and suction.


4. Ace Blade 700 Dissector of Soft Tissue
This surgical device is highly efficient in terms of energy and product uses. It utilizes Geometric Electron Modulation (GEM) technology to emulate scalpel-like function. The process is done by producing low voltage plasma. It does not require high energy and reduce your need to use other surgical tools, like conventional scalpel. It can be used to create incision and dissection. The device reduces surgical smoke it produces for less-toxic surgery. You should request for this Ethicon harmonic scalpel price to the company.

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