DNA Methylation Links

DNA Methylation Links

DNA Methylation Links: on Epigenetic Protocols, Techniques and Methods for DNA Methylation Analysis

American Type Culture Collection

Analysis of DNA methylation throught bisulphite modified sequencing

Bioinformatics Tools



Bisulfite Treatment of DNA Protocol, from the University of Texas

Bisulfite Treatmet of DNA Protocol, fomr Fan Lab UCLA

Chromatin Structure and Function

CpG Island Searcher

DNA Methylation Society

DNMT3Bbsae: Mutation Registry for ICF Syndrome

EMAP: The Edinburg University Mouse Atlas Progect – 3D embryo anatomy atlas and emage gene expression database

Ensembl Genome Browser

Epigenetic Society

Fluorescent Probes

Flybase: Drosophilia Genes and Genome Database

Genomic Imprinting and Imprinted Gene Database

GIRI: Genetic Information Research Institute

Imprinted Gene Catalog, University of Otago

Histone Marks: Histone Modification Marks in Nuclei from The epigenome network

Human Epigenome Project (HEP)

MethDB: The Methylation Database

MethPrimer: Program for Designing Methylation Specific Primers

MethTools 2.0: Processes your bisulfite generated sequence data

Oligoanalyzer: Program to analyze nucleic acids and nucleic acid synthesis

Plant DNA methylation analysis by “bisulfite genomic sequencing” (PROT14) from The epigenome network

Primer Picker Program

Protein Database: The Protein Data Bank Site

PudMed: Search engine to the international publication registry

Single Nucleotide Primer Extension analysis of DNA methylation (SNuPE)

The PCR Suite – every program you need to have the best results from PCR and methylation specific PCR

UCSC Genome Bioinformatics Site


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